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A Brand Manual/Guidelines puts rules in place making sure not to limit creativity, but to keep a Brand's identity consistent and recognizable across all mediums. With brand guidelines in place, you can ensure your brand's elements are used effectively and look professional anytime they are used.


Having correct guidelines in place makes sure that the same visual identity is maintained for consistency which helps form bonds with the end customers by instilling familiarity. This helps the brand to build trust with end customers and makes it more welcoming.


The Brand Guidelines vary according to usage. It is unique for every Brand. It has various versions such as:

  • Brand Manual: Management -to- Printers
  • Logo Guidelines: Production Department
  • Tonality Guide: Creative & Marketing Department
  • Mini Brand Manual: This is specifically for New Brands/Companies. This is usually WIP for the brand, to make sure of constructing the path as we walk.


Brand Guidelines are of utmost importance. If a brand is operating without it, it's equivalent to bungee jumping without the protective gear. 

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