Client Brief

The Project can be summarized to three objectives:-

1. We had to create the Digital Presence for 'Synergy Clinic' locally.

2. Also, we had to create a digital medium to connect with customers, like Facebook Messenger, Email or directly through website.

3. Not only that, but we had to create a method to inform customers about the medical information related to the clinic. 


1. The ideation behind the project was to build the loyalty of the customers by providing the customers pre visit counselling through web pages and blogs. 

2. Connecting other marketplace customers through the website and build the traffic on the website and improving the cal to action efficiency.

3. Improving the social media presence by connecting to the clients or customers on the regular basis through email also in the later stages.

4. Using the correct Tag Management by generating maximum images of customers and doctor or customers reviews etc also posting the videos of doctor discussing the important issues and sharing with the customers on demand through the website pages and social media channels.




Steps that were followed for the necessary project was in all the areas of Digital Marketing.

1. Setting up of Google Business Site on www.googlemybusiness.com and verifying the business and the address.

2. Using the  keywords for local search and using the words like 'Best', 'Clinic' and 'Doctor'

3. Populating the content in the mode to improve the search ranking of the 'Google-my-business' site by crosslinking with a Blog.

4. Creating a stand-alone website with the clinic domain. Content Planning for SEO, must-have information of the medical symptoms, common causes etc.

5. Creating a blog for the doctor and added the content with a goal to increase the cross-linking of the pages and the information availability for the customers.

6. Publishing the pages on Social media channels like Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn with the relevant content and call-to-action buttons like 'book the appointment' etc.

7. Along with all this we had  a system to add the Customer reviews and posting of the reviews on website, Google and Facebook to maximize the loyalty of the customers and market the brand value of the doctor and the clinic.

8. Also, timely usage of Google Ads and Facebook ads to improve the traffic visits on the website and call to actions.



1. We had more than 250 reviews in a span of one year.  Dec 2017- Dec 2018

2. We had more than 900 followers locally on the Facebook pages and more than 2000 likes on the post.

3. Also, we had around 300 customers of the Email database. 

4. Ultimately, w had first page ranking with the Local search based keywords on Google map search and the website was fifth place on the first page with the blog on the 10th position on first page for three keywords.



Digital Marketing

  1. Delhi



Category Experience


1-10 Employees

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