Client Brief

To Design the UI and UX of the Ecommerce website of a homemade bakery products using the WordPress  CMS Platform.





1. The idea was to create an Ecommerce Website with local cuisine for a local player in Bangalore. 


1. The client had a legacy website on a server. The Client domain was rerouted to a fast server. The WordPress CMS installation on a new server.

2. The WordPress CMS was redesigned suiting to client's need as per SKU.

3. UI and UX was decided as per the theme selected  Niku restaurant theme from Envato.

4. Designing of home page banners and the category banners.

5. Adding of the products and designing of the products' page was done.

6. The Product content and the display on the product was designed.

7. The New look and new content was delivered in 30 days. 






The Website was delivered with a new look and new content as per the clients requirement.


Digital Marketing

  1. Delhi



Category Experience


1-10 Employees

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