Monsoonfish - Digital Product Strategy & UX/UI Design


Monsoonfish - Digital Product Strategy & UX/UI Design


UI and UX, Website and App Design, Strategic Design, Game Design, Design Research, Website & App Development, Branded Custom Content, Data & Web Analytics, Martech Innovations, Communication Design

  1. Pune

No. of Employees: 11-25


Innovate, Simplify and Delight. UX and UI Design for forward-thinking enterprises.

About the company

With an energetic team of 40+ designers, Monsoonfish specializes in Product Strategy, Design, UX and UI. Team Monsoonfish works on various mobile applications, web applications, software, applications, and websites across multiple domains where they've added value in terms of user relevant product featuring, seamless user experience (UX) design, and stunning graphic (UI) design. Product Strategy Product Features Service Experiences Monetization Models Research Usability Research Idea Validation Insights UX/UI Design Mobile Apps Softwares Web Applications Consulting Design Thinking Digital Businesses Start-Up Consulting

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Website design drives sustainability
BRAND European Uni, 2017

PROJECT Website design drives sustainability...

Aadhar website redesign
BRAND Aadhaar - Un, 2018

PROJECT Aadhar website redesign...

Rethinking Fitness Habits
BRAND Fabit, 2017

PROJECT Rethinking Fitness Habits...

Opera Platform Redesign
BRAND Truelinked -, 2019

PROJECT Opera Platform Redesign...

Reducing Time to Market for Cyber Sec Operations
BRAND Hive Pro, 2020

PROJECT Reducing Time to Market for Cyber Sec Operations...

Compliance Management for Organisations

PROJECT Compliance Management for Organisations...

Online Event Collateral Design
BRAND TEDx Monash , 2020

PROJECT Online Event Collateral Design...

The offbeat travellers companion
BRAND Dusty Roads, 2017

PROJECT The offbeat travellers companion...

Systems monitoring at factories
BRAND Ador - Ecoax, 2017

PROJECT Systems monitoring at factories...

Content Creation Platform for Indian Teachers
BRAND EkStep Found, 2016

PROJECT Content Creation Platform for Indian Teachers...

HRMS design system
BRAND Eilisys - As, 2020

PROJECT HRMS design system...

Events Platform Design
BRAND Townscript, 2018

PROJECT Events Platform Design...

Website design for Star TV
BRAND Star TV, 2018

PROJECT Website design for Star TV...

Credit Report Design
BRAND Transunion -, 2018

PROJECT Credit Report Design...

Re-imaging Grocery Shopping
BRAND JARS, now De, 2017

PROJECT Re-imaging Grocery Shopping...

Enterprise Systems Design

PROJECT Enterprise Systems Design...

Documentation Portal Design
BRAND EkStep Found, 2016

PROJECT Documentation Portal Design...

Fintech website & app design
BRAND Data Capital, 2020

PROJECT Fintech website & app design...

Redesigning the Joomla Website
BRAND Joomla, 2019

PROJECT Redesigning the Joomla Website ...

App & Website Design for Antivirus service provider

PROJECT App & Website Design for Antivirus service provider ...

Website Design for Association
BRAND Indian Elect, 2020

PROJECT Website Design for Association...

App design for US Pet Owners
BRAND Petabl, USA, 2018

PROJECT App design for US Pet Owners ...

World's first folk dance based workout routine
BRAND Folk Fitness, 2016

PROJECT World's first folk dance based workout routine...

Head Office

17-A Gandharva Apts, Near Hotel Abhishek, Erandwane

Branch Office

16192, Coastal Highway Lewes, DE

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Siddharth Kabra


Siddharth Kabra is a product and strategy consultant working with various local and national brands. Siddharth studied Product Design at NID, Ahmedabad and Strategic Managment at IIM, Calcutta. He has been working in the area of Design consulting for over 15 years for clients across sectors. As the CEO of Monsoonfish, he has built an organization comprising of various design services offered as an integrated, end-to-end service. Siddharth has also won an International OPUS design award for designing user experiences and interactions for the way the information net would behave in the future, complete with products that would support the system.