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Nyle Skin Care
BRAND Cavinkare Ny, 2021

PROJECT Nyle Skin Care...

BRAND The Green Sn, 2021

PROJECT SuperStix...

Hershey's Valentine Edition
BRAND Hershey's, 2020

PROJECT Hershey's Valentine Edition...

Desaal Wines
BRAND Desaal Premi, 2021

PROJECT Desaal Wines...

BRAND JK Foods, 2021

PROJECT NutriSoul ...

Tru Seltzer
BRAND Amul TRU, 2020

PROJECT Tru Seltzer...

Golden Milk
BRAND Dabur , 2020

PROJECT Golden Milk...

BRAND The Green Sn, 2020

PROJECT Makhana...

Helping a Liquor Startup discover its true Positioning in market
BRAND Fruzzante |, 2020

PROJECT Helping a Liquor Startup discover its true Positioning ...

A Brand With Many Firsts To Its Name Fruzzante is the world’s first and only producer of alcoholic-beverage made from chikoo. Conce...

Revamp Of A Flagship Product In Amul's Kitty
BRAND Amul Cheese , 2020

PROJECT Revamp Of A Flagship Product In Amul's Kitty...

Amul Cheese spread has been sporting a dated look and was loosing out to the more trendier and tastier counterparts like Mayonnaise and the likes....

Tokla Green Tea
BRAND Triveni Grou, 2018

PROJECT Tokla Green Tea ...

Parle Kaccha Mango Bite packaging Revamp
BRAND Parle Produc, 2019

PROJECT Parle Kaccha Mango Bite packaging Revamp...

Bringing The Sparkle Back To A Loved Brand ...

Nexzu Electric Vehicle Startup Branding
BRAND Avan Motors , 2019

PROJECT Nexzu Electric Vehicle Startup Branding...

Branding A Futuristic Smart Mobility Startup ...

Brand & Packaging Revamp
BRAND JK Group Fun, 2020

PROJECT Brand & Packaging Revamp...

Maharishi Ayurveda Brand Revamp
BRAND Maharishi Ay, 2019

PROJECT Maharishi Ayurveda Brand Revamp...

Bonosh Health Food Brand
BRAND Jaydeep Bhut, 2019

PROJECT Bonosh Health Food Brand...

ProVedic Ghee
BRAND Kaizen Dairy, 2019

PROJECT ProVedic Ghee...

Helping Amul Enter The Fruits Beverage Market
BRAND Amul TRU, 2019

PROJECT Helping Amul Enter The Fruits Beverage Market...

Helping Amul Enter The Fruits Beverage Market ...

Bringing International taste to the Indian audience
BRAND Amul Pina Co, 2018

PROJECT Bringing International taste to the Indian audience...

Strategizing Amul's Entry Into Mocktails
BRAND Amul Irish D, 2018

PROJECT Strategizing Amul's Entry Into Mocktails...

Crafting a Premium Limited Edition Packaging
BRAND The Green Sn, 2018

PROJECT Crafting a Premium Limited Edition Packaging...

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Shashwat Das

Founder Director

Shashwat has a rare combination of business logic and creative flair. His first startup, WOW Design has been the force behind some of the most popular Brand revamps in the country. He now heads Almond Branding, a leading Strategic Brand & Design Consultancy in India. Has worked with established brands as well as startups across markets. He has an enriching experience of creating brands, leading teams and growing businesses. Shashwat’s focus always has been to deliver results for growing businesses. He develops brand & marketing strategies that are linked with effective tactical plans that integrate within the business, are simple, understandable and hence, fully implemented. Shashwat has developed brand & design strategy for major clients including 3M, Amul, ITC, Kellogg’s, CavinKare, Heinz, Berger and Emami. He has been associated with some of the critical Brand Revamps in the country like that of Complan, Park Avenue, Ghari Detergent and Amul Kool. Over the years he has built a very close relationship with his clients, who trust him for the sheer Brand guidance that he delivers. Shashwat has worked with clients across many industries, as his core capability is to develop a commercially viable marketing strategy that delivers results. He has helped companies in launching new brands, revamping existing brands, defining categories and achieving business growth. While on this journey he has developed his expertise in Brand Creation, Positioning, Brand Architecture and Strategic Design Consultancy.