Menu Card

Menu Card
Client Brief

A second generation entrepreneur with a new F&B outlet

A food menu with a unique take on standard Udipi fare and a bar menu infusing south Indian flavours into cocktails - that’s the experience that had to be launched

A micro-market that was saturated with bars and restaurants and a young target group that constantly seeks out the new and exciting.


Your very own cool watering hole serving Udipi fare with a twist.

We believed there was a food loving, bar hopping, character in all of us and this was the place to bring him alive. That led us to our lead Sam Anna and his bar - SamBar. It was to become the watering hole for the Sam Anna in all of us.


Sambar - presented as Sam Anna’s bar - at every single touchpoint.

While Sambar as a name struck a strong product chord, we wanted to bring the southern twist stemming from the
Sam Anna personality to the complete restaurant experience.

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Environment
  • Design & Collateral


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