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Client Brief

Momentum Metropolitan Services is an employee-centric global in-house center that provides technology, information, and telecommunications support services to Momentum Metropolitan Holdings, a South African multinational conglomerate whose roots date to 1898. Our culture is characterised by the ability to build relationships with colleagues and leaders, centered on trust, collaboration and teamwork.



The idea is to simplify the experience keeping the global branding style in mind and reduce the friction among the users.


We assembled high-fidelity wireframes alongside a stunning design - building a corresponding UI to match. A usability test was conducted to validate the main pain points which made it easier for users to understand the services.


Maintaining their brand image and style with value was key, as was successfully translating the same into the design, giving end users a satisfactory experience, the development team has done an excellent job which was really appreciated by the client.

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51-100 Employees

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