Edugrow, 2020

Edugrow: A Beautiful Ed-tech App

UI and UX
By 3 Minds Digital
Client Brief

Edugrow wanted to design an easy-to-use e-learning platform with their initial focus on the Nigerian market, helping students achieve exceptional results for WAEC, JAMB, and NECO examinations along with subjects that include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English, Commerce & Economics, and Financial Accounting.

The client wanted a native and regional app that helps Nigerian students study, take notes and learn through video by easily accessing the app and also allows room for scalability to introduce newer features every year and help expand easily.


The idea was to design a system that allows the audience to easily understand the objective of the application first as the launch location was Nigeria which is not a market like the US or India, that would easily get used to something like an ed-tech app. Hence a good amount of thought was given in making the app inviting and engaging while being highly usable and fun. 

The colours were chosen keeping the kids in mind, and multiple modules were designed aand kept in a certain way to ensure success and reduce uninstall rates. 


The team started with designing the questionnaire for the team of teachers, parents and students along with stakeholders based in Nigeria, to better understand their expectations and limitations of current market. 3MD's UX Research Team then dwelved deeper into the market research and user understanding to evaluate possibilities and user's expectations better which also involved shadowing users using existing application. Once research phase got over, our UX Architects started designing multiple user flows and information architectures to create a fool-proof system that allows the users to easily navigate and find what they are looking for which was followed by the wireframing and the prototyping phase which helped the team test and re-iterate to maake sure the approach isnt based on assumptions but actual data. Once our clickable prototypes were verfied with actual user base, UI design team started creating a moodboard that is inviting and friendly for the target audience, then designing the final interfaces and the interactions. 


The app was highly appreciaated by the teachers, students and parents combined, multiple data-based iterations resulted in keeping the kids engaged and making sure the objective was met. 



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