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Client Brief

For more than 40 years, Baccarose has led the distribution, retail and ecommerce of international luxury beauty brands, offering a wide range in perfume, skincare, and makeup. Baccarose, a premium distributor to major retailers such as Sephora, Shopper Stop, and Lifestyle, takes 40+ brands to market at 5000+ points of sale. It assists retailers in securing prime locations; best in-store merchandising; and ensuring consumers receive an exceptional shopping experience.


The existing website failed to do justice to the brand's vision and its ideology of international luxury beauty brands. It looked like just another business website. We used Google Maps API, and used 3rd party plugin along with GSAP library to smoothen the interactions.


With the redesign we ensured a seamless experience with smooth transitions which was very much appreciated by the distributors as well as vendors. 

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